Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Specialised Payroll Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh

Payroll outsourcing Service in Bangladesh under the reign of HR Solutions is the process of contracting a third party vendor to handle payroll and payroll related financial activities on behalf of clients. In Bangladesh, Many national and international including MNCs are operating their business and the number of employees and complexity of local rules are increasing day by day. Payroll activities are a complex and potentially risky activities for business organization especially for a new business organization. Due to this reason, HR Payroll Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh is working with many business houses that seek specialized payroll services for their efficiency and cost minimization.

HR Solutions

Avoid Penalties and Complexity

Payroll outsourcing service in Bangladesh offered by HR Solutions BD can free up their time and pressure of maintenance to devote their attention to more profitable and revenue generating activities. It also helps to avoid penalties and complexity of local rules and regulations.

Income and Tax Calculator

Payroll outsourcing services including  payroll preparation, gross and net salary calculation , check preparation and deposition, bank advising, payroll check reconciliation, preparing service rule,  comprehensive payroll deduction, leave encashment calculation, Employee file maintenance ,Tax deduction at source (TDS) calculation and deduction services from salary, challan deposition, tax filling such annual Tax return, sec- 108 return according  Income Tax Ordinance, obtaining Tax Identification number for employees,  provident and gratuity fund deduction and maintenance. A professional payroll provider hire those individuals who know payroll activities inside and out such as all kinds of complexities of payroll taxes, as well as compliance with government regulations, and that is what is offered by our Payroll Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh. Payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh provides specialized and expertise service with logical cost that enable the clients to put their resource other valuable functions.

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