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Introduction to Manpower Recruiting Agency in Bangladesh | HR Solutions

The wider meaning of manpower recruiting agency in Bangladesh is “Manpower recruitment or employee supplying media” when any specific person is providing service for recruitment for any of his/her client directly or indirectly and on a permanent or temporary basic.

On account of having huge population in Bangladesh, there is a greater source of workforce, even the procedure of recruiting Bangladesh workers are not that tough. As HR Solutions being an association of international level with its international reputation of co-operation and welfare of the migrant workforce as well as, we have wider connection around the world and through us many foreign companies getting involved into the economy of Bangladesh. Many people get employment through us every single year in many countries around the world.

As its vividly known to all that every single recruitment agency has different method of working, all agencies follow different policies to do well according to strategies.

Our Mode of Work | Reputation and Success – Key Elements

We have been working for our members in following manner:

  1. As to run a successful recruitment agency we are very focused to develop the relationship with our clients and tried to maintain a very wide network around the world.
  2. We pay our full attention to provide client’s needs.
  3. We provide lawful means that may be necessary for promoting or preventing any the any issue of member recruiting agents.
  4. We provide assistance Government and non-Government delegations in Bangladesh to select appropriate manpower.
  5. We keep advertising by using many different via to acquire skilled workers of Bangladesh and provide them great jobs with the help of Government; and we keep exploring the job markets around the world to get more good jobs.
  6. We have branch offices around the globe with a view to provide great service by our recruitment agency
  7. Every single year at a certain time, we do submit annual report to the Ministry of Labor and Employment by each member of agency.
  8. We try to ensure to provider accommodation facilities and moral support for Bangladeshi workers who went to aboard for work through us assistance for bringing the dead body of Bangladesh workers if unfortunately died while working in abroad.
  9. Making profit through our agency is not the only purpose, we work by marinating our ethics strong and if mistaken we supply inefficient workers; we undertake initiatives payment of compensation to the persons who hired workers from us.
  10. Our charges are reasonable and standard also, whereas there are many firms charge consultation fees to clients for troubleshooting turnover ratios or providing advice on internal recruitment, while we offer these services as part of our relationship development.


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